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They are also customizable which makes it very exciting, dont you think, girls.Mystixx Talin Goth Couture Fashion Pack, Playhut, mint in box.Mystixx Vampires Doll The Mystixx Vampires Doll in stock tracker is on the right.

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I was just introduced to the neatest dolls, Mystixx the Vampires, from PlayHut.

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Create A Monster High Doll Add On Clothing Pack CAM Mystixx Dolls Dress Up Set Cookieswirlc by CookieSwirlC on 2015-05-19 In Video Music by Cookieswirlc A unique channel bursting with fun, positive, happy energy featuring popular videos on Disney Frozen (Frozen Fever), Princesses, Littlest.Mystixx Vampires are a new doll series line produced by Playhut.

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Anyway, I was at Toys R Us and saw that they had more than just the Mystixx Vampires so I had to take a closer look.Mystixx Vampires are dolls that have actually faces you can change, and are by Playhut, Inc.Playhut Inc is proud to announce the world premiere of our Mystixx Vampires Motion Comic Webisodes.A unique and beautiful doll with two distinctive personalities and two lives for.

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The characters in the Liv doll line were Sophie, Katie, Alexis, Daniela, Hayden and Jake (the only male).The age appropriate rating for the dolls is for age six years and above.

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What is unique about these dolls is that they are regular dolls by day and vampire dolls at night.After that failure, the Mystikats disappeared, but that was not the last we heard from some of them.

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These goth-themed fashion packs let fans of the two-in-one Mystixx dolls, ages 6 and up, change up the look of the dolls even more.

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In addition to Azra, the toymaker Playhut also offers three other diva fashion dolls including: Siva, Talin, and Kalani.

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Mystixx, made by Playhut, are a brand of fantasy doll kind of along the lines of Monster High.

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All four Mystixx Vampire dolls have different personalities that focus on characteristics like confidence, compassion, competiveness, and intelligence.Watch Create A Monster High Doll Add On Clothing Pack CAM Mystixx Dolls Dress Up Set Cookieswirl - jamesjohn4313 on dailymotion.

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When Playhut began the Mystixx line in 2012, the four characters were Talin, Siva, Kalani and Azra.

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The dolls are a new unique fashion line doll and grabbed my 19 year old daughters attention immediately.